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Checkoutify is an innovative app for both Android and iOS that makes shopping easier. It lets customers pay for items using their phones at any shop, like department stores or clothing stores. Just download the app, pick a store, and start scanning items. As you shop and scan, your cart fills up. When you're done, hit checkout on the app, pay, and leave without waiting in line. Checkoutify turns your phone into a personal Billing Counter. You can scan items, fill your cart, and pay right on your phone and generate an E-Bill. Stores get more sales and user get more convenience with Checkoutify. For our second Model, we are thinking of converting your favorite stores into a Quick commerce model. What does it mean, it means that you can simply order anything from your favorites store, be it local Kirana store, or a shopper's stop store where you have to shop, & get it delivered within 20 mins.

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